Blood of an Author Box

Blood_White copy


With this project we hope to be in conversation with Antin’s The Blood of the Poet Box (1965-68). We want to think about the blood of the author as moving beyond blood as unique signature, fixed (and in the case of the blood slide, preserved or undying), to reconceive the blood as words that move through a writer and that through the writer’s activity or pumping of the blood, words and language are kept in circulation. To think of the author function ƒ as helpmate to the continuing richness and variability of language—not to individual nodes of unique genius, but shared genius and genesis—a signature, but in language, not in name or specificity.

More broadly, we want to think about discourse in language and what it means to be in conversation with others through language, to speak with and amongst writers. In collecting single words from each author, we are looking for something singular in the word that is (and becomes continuously) something between all of us that is in common, in language, in common language.

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