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 dinger__0006_92 crow                              4-300x115

aitken__0007_35 fruitfly     aitken_26 licks

aitken__0002_26 licks                              aitken_26 licks

aitken_26 licks     dinger__0006_92 crow

Featherly_0011_17 Advancement                              aitken_26 licks

Featherly_0009_31 Milky     featherly__0001_80 pulp

aitken_26 licks                              featherly__0001_69 fierce

aitken_26 licks     featherly__0001_80 pulp

featherly__0001_69 fierce                               aitken_26 licks

featherly__0000_70 miss      featherly__0001_69 fierce

aitken_26 licks                             aitken__0011_17 lovely

aitken__0010_46 horno      aitken__0010_18 honky tonk

aitken_26 licks                        aitken__0008_59 doityourself

aitken__0011_17 lovely      aitken_26 licks

aitken__0006_50 glossolalia                           aitken__0004_38 fondle

aitken__0005_51 bile      aitken__0002_40 tender

aitken_26 licks

Two Poems

Submission by Seth Schimmel / @strath_more


_______________________the night she goes to New Orleans



in micro slides–

meanwhile, in Philadelphia,
missing my friend in